Virginia Commonwealth University
Jennifer M. Fettweis, Ph.D. (Photo)

Event Calendar:

Translational Microbiome Conference Boston, MA
IHMC 2015 Luxembourg
AGBT Meeting 2015 Marco Island, FL
Lunch Break Science: How Microbes Affect our Health and Offspring Science Museum of Virginia
SciencePub RVA: Big Data and Your Microbiome Richmond, VA
Microbiome/Microbiota R&D Forum San Diego, CA
iHMP Consortium Meeting Stanford, CA
PacBio User Group Meeting Baltimore, MD
Women's Health Research Day Richmond, VA
Seminar, Centro de Genomica y Bioinformatica Universidad Mayor; Santiago, Chile
Oxford Global: NGS Congress London, UK
ICIBM Nashville, TN
Cell Symposia: Microbiome & Host Health Lisbon

Jennifer M. Fettweis, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor—Center for the Study of Biological Complexity,
                              & Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology
Project Director—Multi-Omic Microbiome Study-Pregnancy Initiative
Project Director—Vaginal Human Microbiome Project
Founder and Executive Committee member—RAMS Registry
Fellow—Center for the Study of Biological Complexity


Ph.D., Microbiology and Immunology, VCU
B.A., Mathematics and Economics, University of Virginia


Research Interests

•Vaginal microbiome studies and women's health
•Host-microbiome interactions
•'Omics technologies and bioinformatics
•Characterization of novel bacterial species of interest
•Pregnancy and birth research

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