2001-2004 MSW Alumni Survey Project


Service page





print templates

Inquisite online

testing for FLOW

Inquisite online

testing DATA collection

Tracking of respondents


booklet v. 3.5

online version draft AS2.1




for respondents to help us take them off the mailing list


booklet v. 3.9

online version draft AS 3





through email only: Mailto


booklet v. 4.0

online version draft AS 4



AS v 5

needs ID

authentication = on

As the last page



booklet v. 6



version 5


As the last page with cgi boxes

needs better formatting

however, the best we got






version 6_2 for preview



As the last page with cgi boxes (my version) does not work



BOOKLET changes:


1 needed new branching: “continued sw employment”

26 & 29 added “and / or” (double barreled q)

equalized “Then go to..”

minor formatting



INQUISITE changes:


Added helping comments SAVE, NEXT,

Added progress bar and page of …

Added additional p1 of 4 to K&S


Like booklet v 6



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