Alien Genetic Code
The Beginning

You have come into possession of DNA that you are convinced is of alien origin. That aliens should possess DNA is surprising enough. It would be an even greater surprise if RNA from their DNA were translated according to the same genetic code that works on Earth. Is alien DNA encoded the same way as ours? You intend to find out.

1. How did you get hold of alien DNA? The Story

2. What are you looking for? What are some possible genetic codes?

3a. (along with 3b) What tools are at your disposal?

3b. (along with 3a) Log on to BioBIKE

  • Login as yourself
  • Provide an e-mail address
  • Leave the VPL radio button on (VPL = Visual Programming Language)
  • Click New Login
  • Mouse over the OTHER-COMMANDS menu and click ENTER
  • Click on the gray argument box and type alien-world (don't neglect the hyphen) into the white box that appears. Then tap the Enter key, producing:
  • You're in!