BNFO 300 
Molecular Biology Through Discovery
Who we are
Spring 2017 
Jeff Elhai
(please no title you would not want to be called yourself)
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Center for the Study of Biological Complexity/Biology
Life Science Center, Rm 335
(available almost any time outside of class, but safer by appointment)
Tel: 828-0794

Teaching Assistants
Elaina Philpott
Gus Thomas
Special sessions: Tue & Thu 4pm, Computer Lab (Harris 3112)
Special sessions: Mon & Wed 3pm-6pm, Computer Lab (Harris 3112)

Prime Directive
If you encounter an obstacle that defeats your efforts, contact Elaina, Gus, or me. E-mail, call, or pay us a visit. No matter is too small, no obstacle is too large.

However, come prepared.

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Other sources of help
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  • Regarding article searches: Try your friendly local reference librarian by web or by phone (804-828-1110).
  • Regarding any matter: Yourselves and us

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