BNFO 300 
Molecular Biology Through Discovery
Resources and Links
Spring 2017 

Essential resources
Other useful resources
Summer research opportunities

Essential Resources

Other Useful Resources

  • Abbreviations
    List of nucleotide, amino acid abbreviations, and genetic code
  • Codon usage tables (courtesy of Yasukazu Nakamura)
    Codon frequencies for large number of sequenced genomes
  • FirstGlance in Jmol
    Site to display molecular structures
  • FoldIt
    Protein-folding game that engages gamers in solving problems beyond the reach of computers
  • GeneMark
    Predict open reading frames in DNA sequences
  • Genetic code
    Useful on line reference to recall code, types of amino acids, and their abbreviations
  • Molecular Biology of the Cell (Bruce Alberts et al, 2002; 4th edition)
    Molecular Cell Biology text book. Free for searching but not browsing.
  • Mycobacteriophage DataBase
    A site summarizing what is known concerning mycobacteriophages
  • NCBI
    National Center for Biotechnology Information: Home of Blast, Entrez, much else
  • Protein Data Base
    Large collection of data concerning protein structure and sequence
  • Protein Explorer and help
    Site to display molecular structures, offering more power than FirstGlance, at the cost of a more complicated interface
  • Proteopedia
    Repository of protein structures and educational tools
  • Scale of the Universe
    Examples of objects with sizes ranging from 10-35 to 10+27 m
  • VCU Library
    Apart from its many other merits, the library enables you to reach electronic journal articles that would otherwise be restricted.

Summer Research Opportunities