Biol 105: Impact of Science on Societal Issues

House leaders have responded to the recent firestorm surrounding the use of recombinant DNA (click here to read recent news) by forming a special subcommittee to consider the issue. Special interest groups on all sides have lined up waiting to take pot shots at those who must make the tough decisions. That means you, and other freshmen Representatives. You have been assigned to the Special Subcommittee on Recombinant DNA. You have been given until April to come up with legislation to bring before the full House.

Reality check. You don't know anything about recombinant DNA. You had hoped your colleagues were better informed, but they're not. How did you get into this situation??? Clearly, you need to educate yourself and fast. The future of America is in your hands.

Click here to view the issues before the Committee Click here to view the tentative schedule of events