Gödel, Escher, and Bach (Spring 2001)
Unit 2: Completeness and Recursive Procedures
Tue Feb 6 Figure and Ground
Typographical Operations, Composites and Primes
More Meaning and Form in Mathematics, pp.49-54
Sonata for Unaccompanied Violin; Chapter III: Figure and Ground
Thu Feb 8 Discuss Problem Set 4 Problem Set 4
Tue Feb 13 Consistency, Completeness, and Geometry
Mapping to Godelís Theorem, non-euclidean geometry, passive meaning, hypothetical worlds, consistency and completeness
Contracrostipunctus, pp.75-81; Chapter IV: Consistency, Completeness, and Geometry, pp.82-88
Discuss Problem Set 4
Music, Music
Problem Set 4
Thu Feb 15 Recursive Structures and Processes
Push, pop, and stack, language and recursive transition networks, modular programming loops and procedures 
Little Harmonic Labyrinth and Fig. 26 (p.129)
In class exercise: How to find a name in a telephone book
Discuss Problem Set 5
Problem Set 5
Tue Feb 20 Recursive Structures and Processes (cont) 
Chapter V: Recursive Structures and Processes, pp.127-136,146-152
The Awful German Languageby Mark Twain
Discuss Problem Set 6
Mark Twain
Problem Set 6
Thu Feb 22 Discuss Problem Sets  
Sun Feb 25 Exam #2  
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