Gödel, Escher, and Bach (Spring 2001)

Tue 16 Jan Accompaniment for in class presentation
Thu 18 Jan Good King Wenceslas canon Traditional
Thu 18 Jan Song That Has No End/Song That Has an End Sheri Lewis
Tue 23 Jan Three-Part Invention: Sinfonia #6 in E Major JS Bach (John Sankey)*
Tue 30 Jan Two-Part Invention #4 in d minor JS Bach (John Sankey)*
Tue 6 Feb Prelude from Partita #3 for unaccompanied violin JS Bach (Pierre R Schwob)*
Tue 6 Feb Prelude from Partita #3 for unaccompanied violin (WITH accompaniment!)  JS Bach (Ryo Furue)*
Tue 6 Feb Accompaniment for in class presentation: Fughetta in A major (beginning) JS Bach (JE)
Tue 13 Feb Contrapunctus #14 from The Art of the Fugue JS Bach (Arne Lofgren)*
Tue 13 Feb B-A-C-H (four-note theme): Final countersubject in Contrapunctus  JS Bach
Thu 15 Feb Little Harmonic Labyrinth JS Bach (Mark Oehl)
Tue 27 Feb Chromatic Fantasy and Fugue JS Bach (John Sankey)*
Thu 8 Mar Crab Canon from A Musical Offering JS Bach (JE)
Aria from Aria with Diverse Variations/Goldberg Variations  JS Bach (John Sankey)*
Air on the G String JS Bach (Toru Yaskawa)*

*MIDI sequence from the Classical Archives by permission