MIC/MBG 653 Advanced Molecular Genetics
Bioinformatics & Computational Genomics (Spring 2004)
Pattern Finding
Presentation (4 March 2004)[ppt format] (open file, click Slide Show, then View Show)
     Sample DNA sequence (for FindOrf and GeneMark exercises)
     Nostoc DNA sequence (for GeneMark exercise)

Problem Set [PDF format]
    Set of sequences of cAMP-related proteins file for Problem B  [FastA format]
    PEO-related sequence for Problem C  [FastA format]
    Help in using Meme
    Help in interpretting output from SignalP

* List of programs related to gene discovery

* On-line GCG manual (organized by program type) (organized alphabetically)
   Manual is for Version 8 instead of our Version 10, but not much has changed (except Meme)

* Abbreviations (nucleotides, amino acids); Genetic code [PDF format]

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