Tips for Authors:
Publishing in Open Access Journals

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Open access journals make their content available online without charging fees
to readers or libraries.They are peer-reviewed and often have citation rates and
impact factors equal to traditional subscription-based journals. Benefits for authors
include expanding the potential distribution of your research to a global audience,
regardless of the reader’s ability to pay.

How do you get started with publishing in open access journals?

• Consult the Directory of Open Access Journals  for a list of more than 5418
   open access titles, 2270 of which you can search here at the article level.

• Check the Author’s Advice page at SHERPA for funding agency rules and
   publishers’ copyright agreements -

• Take advantage of VCU’s Supporting Membership in BioMed Central to
   receive a 15% discount on author charges.
   For more details, go to .

• Consider commercial publishers who are experimenting with different models.
  Selected titles from these publishers charge authors a fee to permit open access.
  NIH allows grant funds to pay for publication fees.
  Here are a few of the publishers with current initiatives:

American Chemical Society AuthorChoice
American Physical Society Free to Read
Wiley-Blackwell’s Online Open
BMJ Unlocked
Cambridge Open Option
Karger Author’s Choice
Oxford Open
Springer Open Choice
Taylor & Francis iOpenAccess
Wiley Online Open

Encourage your own professional society to join the
open access movement!

For more information on issues in scholarly communication:
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April, 2007
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September, 2010