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Contents: Volume 8(4)

Jon Glover / Kathryn Jenner Editorial
James Kirkup 8 poems
James Ragan The Beekeeper
Deborah Moffatt 2 poems
R. L. Hughes 2 poems
Mario Petrucci 2 poems
Carrie Etter 3 poems
Harry Guest 2 poems
Christine Casson Exhale
Isobel Lusted 3 poems
Sampurna Chattarji 3 poems
Maurice Carême 2 poems
(Trans. Christopher Pilling)
Jennifer Compton 2 poems
Tracy Jo Barnwell What You Know about the Dead
Neetha Kunaratnam 2 poems
Jackson Bliss Nimble Calligraphy
Elanor Dymott Broken
Susanna Roxman Excerpts from In Lapland
Khalil West The Connecticut Trip
John Gladwell Green Liquor and a Bottle of Pop
Thomas Lynch 4 poems
Eoghan Naughton 3 poems
Ben Mazer The Double
Harriet Torr Asylum
Rodney Pybus 3 poems
Mike Loveday Homecoming
Anne M. Brechin 4 poems
Frank C. Praeger 2 poems
Nancy White 2 poems
Pat Winslow 3 poems
Eric Paul Shaffer 2 poems
Andrew Shields 2 poems
Katie Donovan 4 poems
Julie Stradner Salt
Augustus Young Dregs
Vittoria D'Alessio Boots
John McLeod Review
Tracy Hargreaves Review
  Notes on Contributors

Selected Contributors:

Maurice Carême (1899-1878) was a Belgian who wrote his first poems in 1914. Although he published about ninety books (poems, short stories, novels, essays and books for children) he only left primary school teaching to be a full-time writer in 1943. Poems of his hacve been set to music by Milhaud and Poulenc.

Jennifer Compton is a poet and playwright who sometimes writes prose. She usually lives in Australia. Her fourth book of poetry, Barefoot, is due to be published soon. The Perth Theatre Company are mounting a production of her play 'The Big Picture' this year. In 2008 she was writer in residence at the Randell Cottage in Wellington, New Zealand.

Katie Donovan's poetry collections from Bloodaxe are Watermelon Man (1993), Entering the Mare (1997) and Day of the Dead (2002). She has co-edited two literary anthologies: Ireland's Women: Writings Past and Present, with A. Norman Jeffares and Brendan Kennelly Kyle (1994), and Dublines with Brendan Kennelly (1995).

Ben Mazer's poetry collections include The Foundations of Poetry Mathematics, Johanna Poems, and White Cities. He lives in Boston, where he is a contributing editor to Fulcrum: An Annual of Poetry and Aesthetics

Susanna Roxman was born in Stockholm, but her family is half Scottish, and she writes in English. Her poetry collection Broken Angels (Dionysia Press) won the Arts Award of the City of Lund. Another collection of hers, Imagining Seals was supported by the Scottish Arts Council. Her critical work is Guilt and Glory: Studies in Margaret Drabbles Novels 1963-80 www.roxman.info

Pat Winslow worked for twelve years as an actor and left the theatre in 1987 to take up writing. Her sixth poetry collection, Unpredictable Geometry, was published by Templar in 2008.

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