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Contents: Volume 12(2)

John Whale Editorial: Stubbornness and Serendipity
Simon Perchik Three Poems
Hanshan Poem
Trans. Simon Everett
Joan Michelson Four Poems
Jon Swann Poem
Andrew Pidoux The Ecstasy of History
Fred Beake Two Poems
Lynley Edmeades Three Poems
Tony Roberts Six Poems
Pamela Davis Two Poems
Olivia Parkes Milk Teeth
Charles Millar Three Poems
F. J. Williams Two Poems
Bruce Bond Four Poems
William Males In the Stockholm Suburbs
Salvatore Difalcao Three Poems
Gina Wilson Two Poems
Julian Farmer Nine Translations
Fiona Sze-Lorrain Two Poems
James Mansfield Poem
Desmond Graham Poem
Jordan C. Wise Two Poems
Matthew Sweeney Six Poems
Kaddy Benyon Two Poems
Richard Aronowitz Two Poems
Helen Tookey Five Poems
Salvatore Difalco Two Poems
S. D. Chrostowska Bridges
John Haynes Four Poems
Noel King Poem
Roderick Vincent A Concise Dictionary of Bertrand Cappa
Gail Dendy Three Poems
Orlin G. Oroschakoff Shadowless
Joe Cullen Two Poems
Sarah Lindon Three Poems
Shamavon Azatyab Poem
Wendell Mayo Mother, His Own Mother
James Davey Two Poems
Sarah Hymas Poem
Christine Koutelieri Three Poems
James Sutherland-Smith Review
Own Lowery Review
Stella Pye Review
Emily Kate Timms Review
  Notes on Contributors
  Friends of Stand
  Editorial: the Web Links

Selected Contributors:

Richard Aronowitz has published two novels and his poetry has appeared in Anvil New Poets 3, Bridport Prize Anthology, The Guardian, London Magazine, and Smiths Knoll

Bruce Bond is the author of nine books of poetry, most recently Choir of the Wells (Etruscan, 2013). He is Regents Professor of English at the University of North Texas and Poetry Editor of American Literary Review.

S. D. Chrostowska is the author of Permission (Dalkey Archive Press, 2013) and a scattering of short pieces in American, Canadian and British Literary journals.

Gail Dendy was first published by Harold Pinter in 1993. Her seven collections have appeared in South Africa, the UK, and the USA. She has recently completed her first novel.

Desmond Graham is Professor of Poetry (Emeritus) at the University of Newcastle. Born in 1940, he was educated at University of Leeds. He has written Keith Douglas 1920-1944 and edited Douglas's Complete Poems and Alamein to Zem Zem. His most recent collection of poems is The Green Parakeet (Flambard Press, 2013).

John Haynes was born in Cornwall of seaside and show business parents. He spent most of his working life at Almadu Bello University, Nigeria, teaching linguistics and African poetry. His most recent book, You, was shortlisted for the T. S. Eliot Prize. He now lives in Hampshire with his wife and two children.

Stella Pye is a mature student at the University of Bolton, working towards a PhD in Creative Writing. Her particular fascination is with formalism. Her interests include food and wine, music and travel.

Fiona Sze-Lorrain is the author of My Funeral Gondola (Manoa/El Leon, 2013), Water the Moon (Marick, 2010) and several books of translations, including Bai Hua and Yu Xiang (Zephyr, forthcoming). She is an editor at Cerise Press and a zheng concertist. She lives in France.

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