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Volume 12(2) -- #202

Stand's Sixtieth Birthday

Stand was founded in 1952 with Jon Silkin's £5.00 received after being made redundant. As he left the building, he went to the Company office, bought some paper with the £5.00 and used it to print the first issue. 2012 was the magazine's Sixtieth Birthday and the issues from 197 to 200 celebrate what has been best about Stand, and in them we mark some aspects of our history and of the important writers whom Stand has published, and also put down some markers and take a stand for our future. The current issue, with work by young writers as well as new poems and a special feature on Judith Kazantzis, points the way.

As part of the celebration we are very pleased that Geoffrey Hill offered some of his latest poems. These appeared, three from each of his next four books, in #197 -#200. The titles of the books are Ludo, Expostulations on the Volcano, Liber Illustrium Virorum and Al Tempo de' Tremuoti. Some reader's of Hill's poems will have been surprised, shocked and excited by his recent books, Oraclau | Oracles and Odi Barbare published by Clutag, and Clavics published by Enitharmon. The next books will appear together in the Collected Poems from Oxford University Press. His first poems to appear in Stand, in 1961, were 'Locust Songs'. There have been many since including the whole of 'Funeral Music' and a large section of Scenes from Comus. Stand is delighted that Geoffrey Hill is to receive a Knighthood. Very few poets have received such national and formal recognition. We look forward to his next lectures as Oxford Professor of Poetry. The lectures from 2010-11 are available to listen to on the Oxford University Website: http://www.english.ox.ac.uk/news-events/regular-events/professor-poetry.



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