Photographs of the Sky Around Richmond


Church Spire Against Purple Sky
Exhibit # 10



Church Tower in Silhouette against Orange Sunset
Exhibit # 9



Colorful Light Trails Behind Silhouetted Tree in Foreground
Exhibit # 44


House and Moon At Sunset
Exhibit # 8


Light Beam projected into Sky
Exhibit # 6


Moon Against Red Sky
Exhibit # 26


Moon Over House at Sunset
Exhibit # 23


Moon Over House with Lit Windows at Sunset
Exhibit # 27


Streetlamp Against Purple Sky
Exhibit # 7


Streetlamp in front of Church of Christ, Monument Avenue
Exhibit # 19


Trees Illuminated by Electric Lantern Against Reflected City Lights in Cloudy Sky
Exhibit # 40


Trees Silhouetted Against Purple Sky with Monument Avenue Church Spire in Distance
Exhibit # 20


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