David J. Bromley
VCU Honors Program
Modern Influences
on Contemporary Art

2004 Session

Alexander Marra - Outsider Art: The Art of the Insane

Alexander Marra - Gallery Observations, Va. Museum

Allison Dickert - John Currin

Allison Dickert - Anderson Gallery Review - Heide Fasnacht

Eduardo Vidal - Pablo Picasso

Eduardo Vidal - Main St. Gallery Review

Elizabeth Choi - Picasso and Early Cubism with Braque

Elizabeth Choi - The Anderson Gallery - Heide Fasnacht: Strange Attractors

Janis O'Grady - Painting in Cubist Style

Janis O'Grady - Review - Rent To Own - VCU Fine Arts Building

Jackson Pollock - click to enter gallery

John Lilley - Parallels Between the Art of Claude Monet and John Coltrane

John Lilley - The James Warwick Jones Exhibit at the Peninsula Fine Art Center

Michael Gasser - Art Projects

Michael Gasser - Review of Artist Glenn Bruce Hamm

Nayef Abouzaki - The Unique Style of Salvador Dali

Paul Hansen - Art Emanates From Pain and Sadness: Picasso’s Blue Period

Samantha Gardner - Jackson Pollock: A Visionary

Samantha Gardner - Albrecht Durerís Master Engravings

Amy Shumaker - Self Portrait in Style of Picasso's Blue Period

Erin Scott - Photo Collage