David J. Bromley
VCU Honors Program
Modern Influences
on Contemporary Art

2002 Session

Amber Bush - Jasper Johns

Brandy Butler - Symbolist Style Drawing

Joseph Chen - Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

Brent Cody - Installation Art

Me'chelle Cosby- Picasso

Hannah Cherian - Picasso's Depiction of Women

Cinzia Eich - Vanessa Bell

Jolene Giandomenico - Rauschenberg-style mixed media

Michael Gruden - Duchamp-style sculpture

Kalim Hussaini - Jackson Pollock and the Influences on His Work

Dali - click to enter

Maxim May - Marcel Duchamp

Karen Mitchell - Drawing in style of van Gogh

Almas Moosa - Henri Matisse

Krishna Mukkamala - Salvador Dali: A 20th Century Artistic Genius

Arvind Murthy - Virginia Museum of Fine Arts: Review of Contemporary Art

Juliana Rasnic - The Comic Pop Art of Roy Lichtenstein

Pam Tucker - Georges Braque: A Focus on Cubism

Amit Varma - Wassily Kandinsky

Amit Varma - Monet's Waterlilies

Susan Wallace - The Life and Art of Vanessa Beecroft