Impressionistic Color Theory
contrast of opposites and juxtaposition of small color areas; no black.

Monet's Light Studies - Roen Cathedral; Haystacks.
A perfect demonstration of impressionist coloring in the shadows:
by Claude Monet

Color and Impressionism at Creighton University


How Color is Perceived in Pointillism


the "optical effect" of tiny dots & dashes as seen from a distanceclick here for Next Page
Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte by Georges Seurat, 1884-86


Here is what the painting looks like close updetail - optical mixing in pointillism

A Sunday on La Grande Jatte at The Art Institute of Chicago

Divisionism/Pointillism at The Tate


Concept of Vision as a Succession of Overlapping Images

Discussion of the subtractive color theory and it's interaction with the retina.

How color is perceived in color television:


early color television - only 3 colors used - in various quantities.
The color of the mans skin is composed of colors mixing "optically"



TV image
perceived image





optical mixing - tv screen
close up


Persistence of Vision at The American Museum of The Moving Image

Principles of Television Color at Cyber College




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