Individual Responses to Color-Altered Photographs - Photo Alterations and Survey by Bic Cung

Prompt:  how do the colors used in the picture enrich/alter it?  

Responses to altered pictures.

Picture 1:  

Hitasha Singh: In this picture you appear to be either crying or
screaming.  The coloration of the face really gives a sense of anger,
which makes me think the subject in the picture is frustrated.  The
fire in the background increases this sense of frustration.  It's like
the room is on fire and you're trying to escape it.  Or perhaps you're
trying to escape whatever it is that's frustrating you.  

Stephanie Jellison: You look like you're very angry because you appear
to be yelling or screaming.  Overall the picture looks very intense,
with the orange in the background.  Is that fire?  That's what it
looks like, like the room burning.  But you're not trying to run out
of the room.  You're sitting down.  So maybe the orange fire is
symbolic of trying to escape the fire inside....something like that.

David Ward: The red face and bright orange in the background really gives
this picture a sense of urgency. The tongue is odd, but the overall effect remains the same.






Picture 2:

Hitasha Singh: the coloration of the faces in this picture is
interesting.  You look deathly pale with the gray face and dark blue
lips.  But it give the picture a sense of irony; you look so dead yet
you're smiling and you're a restaurant.  Your friend in the picture
looks like he just ate something really spicy and his head is about to
blow up.  The use of color here is simpler than in the first picture
but it changes the picture of the picture.

Stephanie Jellison:  This picture is both funny and morbid, mainly
because of the use of color in the faces.  You, on the left, looks
lifeless because you're colored gray with blue lips.  The guy on the
right, however, looks surprised.  Maybe he's embarrassed?  His face is
deep red.  Or maybe he ate a spicy pepper and is crying for water.

David Ward: The deathly blue lips and dark face of the guy on the left is well done,
but why arenít his arms colored too? Maybe youíre just trying to contrast his face with
the red face of the guy next to him. The guy with the red face looks surprised but the
meaning behind his expression might be changed with the color red. Now it looks as
if he just ate something and is asking for help - water maybe?


Picture 3:

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Hitasha Singh:  This is my favorite picture of the three.  I am not
sure what the meaning of the picture is, but I can see three distinct
elements to the picture.  The red sea resembles blood.  The rocky
mountain is really barren and looks to be really devoid of life.  The
blue sky, however, looks so promising, with the sun in the right
corner casting reflection on the rocks. If I were to name this picture
I would call it, "sunshine and blue sky after the storm."  The
contrast between the three conflicting elements is interesting.  The
usage of bright and peaceful colors (light blue) in the sky really
drives away the sadness of blood red and dark gray.

Stephanie Jellison:  The colors used in this picture are interesting.
I like the contrast between the hot of red and coolness of the blue
sky.  The sky looks calm and peaceful but not lifeless or cold.  The
sun on the right gives the picture warmth.  And that definitely
cancels out a little bit of the morbidity of the gray landscape and
red sea.

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