VCU Honors: History of Cartoon Drawing - David Bromley, M.F.A.

Student Project Contents
Summer 2004 Module


The Evolution of Political Cartoons Through a Changing Media Landscape by Anne McCallum

From Comic Strips to Comic Books: The History of Comic Art in America by An Barry Bui

Illustrated Story: "My Dad and The F-84F Thunderstreak" by Bill Lemmond

Essay: Thomas Nast by Eleanor Smith

The Working Girl by Elizabeth Hadley

Relevant Magic in the Art of John Held by Kori Alexander

Cartoon Drawings by Laura Larkins, Maria Hill, Mei I Liu, Shakti Mehrotra

"OOF!" The Comics are Shrinking by Mike Talley

George Cruikshank: A Focus on His Book Illustrating Career by Shakti Mehrotra

The Seals of the Ancient Harappan People by Shobha Ranganath



a Sphere Projecting  Against a Plane
James Gillray





Mr. A
Steve Ditko