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VCU News
Jan., 2018 - Rare copy of “Famous Funnies” added to VCU Libraries
Feb., 2016 - Special Collections Aquires All-Negro Comics No. 1
Aug., 2015 - VCU's 1960s Batman Paintings on Exhibit in NYC
Aug., 2015 - VCU Common Book Program: Wonder Woman by Jill Lepore
July, 2014 - VCU’s Massive Comics Collection
Jan., 2014 - Class Teams Artists, Writers to Create Comics
June, 2006 - Cabell Library Boasts Elite Comic Collections

VCU Digital and Actual Collections
Comic Book Collection - Search the Index
Comic Arts Collection - Journals, Graphic Novels, Hardcovers
Special Collections of Comic Art - James Branch Cabell Library

Billy DeBeck Collection - Approximately 120 books from the personal library of the American cartoonist
Billy DeBeck Office Door - Part of the DeBeck Archive

Charles Henry ‘Bill’ Sykes - Article and Digital Scans

Frederick Otto "Fred" Seibel papers - archives
A Guide to the Seibel Papers

George Cruikshank collection

Will Eisner PS Magazine - archive
Wonder Woman Exhibit

The Evolution of Colour in American Comic Books
- Color Theory Student paper
The Newlyweds and Their Baby by Geo. McManus at VCU Special Collections

Other College & University:

Punch Magazine Vassar College
Honoré Daumier Collection UCLA
Center For Cartoon Studies Vermont
British Cartoon Archive Univ. of Kent
Comic Art Collection Michigan State University
Early American Political Cartoons Indiana University
Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum Ohio State Univ.
New York University Libraries Graphic Novels and Comics
Chronology of Comic Strips and Comic Books in America Pennsylvania State University
Renaissance Cartoons - The Royal Academy of Arts London
University of Michigan Library Academic Resources
Columbia University Libraries Graphic Novels
Puck Magazine University of Virginia
Obadiah Oldbuck Dartmouth Univ.

Museum & Gallery:

Thomas Nast at Macculloch Hall Historical Museum Morristown, N.J.:
The Nast Collection and A Nast Christmas Image
Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art Manhattan
Museum of Cartoon History San Fransisco
William Hogarth at the British Museum
Cartoon Museum London

Database and Scholarly:

Comic Book History, 1922 - 1984
at The Comic Books
Cartoons, Comics & Animation
at Slideshare
Rodolphe Töpffer at Lambiek Comiclopedia
Cartoons on the Web at Arts Online

The International Comic Arts Forum
Toonopedia: by Donald D. Markstein
Editorial Cartoon entry at Wikipedia
Sunday Comics entry at Wikipedia
Cartoon Research: Jerry Beck, ed
Stripper's Guide by Allan Holtz
The Digital Comic Museum
Hogan's Alley Magazine
Animation Resources
The Comics Journal
Comic Book Plus

Recommended Texts:

Thomas Rowlandson's Dr. Syntax Drawings by J. Savory
The Language of Comics ed. by R. Varnum & C. T. Gibbons
Hogarth, Walpole & Commercial Britain by D. Dabydeen
English Caricature, 1620 to Present Victoria & Albert Museum
James Gillray; Prints by the 18th Century Master by Kathleen W. Hart
History of Caricature & Grotesque in Literature & Art by Thomas Wright
George Cruikshank, The Arts Council of Great Britain - intro. by Wm. Feaver
Comics through Time: A History of Icons, Idols, and Ideas (4 vols.) - M. Keith Booker, ed.
Society is Nix: Gleeful Anarchy of the Dawn of the American Comic Strip - Peter Maresca, ed.
A Cartoon History of U.S. Foreign Policy by the eds. of The Foreign Policy Assn.
The Art of the Comic Book: An Aesthetic History by Robert C. Harvey
Father of the Comic Strip: Rodolphe Töpffer by David Kunzle
Comic Art, Creativity and the Law by Marc H. Greenberg
The Encyclopedia of American Comics by Ron Goulart
Lyonel Feininger by U. Luckhardt

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