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David J Bromley

Richmond Comic Books Examiner
Comic Art Event & Venue Examiner

David J Bromley's knowledge of the comic art form is extensive; he has taught "The History of Cartoon Drawing" at Virginia Commonwealth University. He is co-creator of the popular RVA comic strip "Art in Shambles", which developed into art exhibits at Capital One Corporate Headquarters, Cornerstone Gallery and Artspace Gallery. As a member of CompositionHouse.com, he is a published editorial cartoonist and member of the 'Small Press Sanctuary' at Virginia Comicon. Bromley is from the generation when fanzines and the occassional comic convention or specialty book were the only way to learn about the industry; now, with the advent of regular Comicons, Comic Shops and online publications, he is eager to share his experience by reviewing venues, shops & events, as well as interviewing artists, business people and educators in this profession.
: http://cartoonist.home.sprynet.com