lecture 7 - Middle Ages

Fall of the Western Roman Empire:
Wikipedia | Ancient Civilizations

402 A.D. - Roman capitol moved to Ravenna
455 - Rome sacked by Vandals

Justinian - rules from Ravenna from 527 - 565.

Mosaic of Justinian & attendants from Cathedral of San Vitale in Ravenna c. 547

Justinian Code - 534
Roman Legal Tradition and the Compilation of Justinian - University of California at Berkeley

Eastern Roman Empire continues as the Byzantine Empire
until the conquering of Constantinople in 1453 by the Turks.

probably Charlemagne; Bronze, c. 860

Charlemagne ruled from 768 - 814, toward the end in alliance with the papacy.
The Papal-Frankish Alliance - Scribd

Crusades begin 1095

Monk Returning From Crusades, Supported by Wife, 1100.
Above statue similar in tone to The Tetrarchs sculpture.

Head from Reims at Musee Du Tau
Laughing face of cherub, French, 12th century.
Unusual vivacity of expression for this era.

Tomb Effigy of Edward II
Gloucester Cathedral, 1330s

Edward II Tomb - Gloucester Cathedral

Theodosian Obelisk Relief with Prize Presentation Scene
Constantinople, 398

Obelisk of Theodosius I - Livius.org

Obelisk of Theodosius ("Egyptian Obelisk") - Architecture.com

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