lecture 4 - Egypt

Neolithic wall carvings

Live Science.com:
Oct. 2016: 3,800-Year-Old 'Tableau' of Egyptian Boats Discovered | Dec. 2016: 5,000-Year-Old Nativity Scene Found in Egypt
Egyptian Art: Earliest History - Per Ankh Trading Group


Early Dynastic, Small Figurine:
King with Crown, Upper Egypt, c. 2900 B.C. Ivory

- Mesopotamian influences; small idols

end of predynastic period / beginning of Old Kingdom

early beginning of Egyptian 'style'
Palette of Narmer (c. 3100 B.C.)


Palette of King Narmer - American Historical Society

Old Kingdom, 3rd Dynasty
Zoser Sculpture from Saqqara

Zoser - Portrait Statue
(resting place for spirit)
White Limestone (4' 7"), c. 2667 B.C.

Dominance of 'typical'
Egyptian stylization:

Portrait Statue from Giza of Chefron with Horus Falcon
Old Kingdom c. 2560 B.C., 4th Dynasty, Diorite

Absent of rigid
'official' stylization:

Statuette of a slave:
Realism was usually used on lower status 'types' (laborer, etc.)

Necropolis portrait heads c. 2500 BC
- Many are realistic, but
do not represent the 'top echelon' of leadership.

Old Kingdom, Portrait Head of Princess of Giza
Limestone c. 2550 B.C.
4th Dynasty

There are also naturalistic sculptures
of noblemen and scribes

Unknown Scribe, Tomb of Prince Ur Ira, Saqqara
Old Kingdom - 24th or 25th cent B.C.
5th Dynasty, 20 in.

Saqqara site - Wikipedia
Saqqara - Hans Otten

A few wall paintings from tombs were seen in class, but have little to show by way of actual portraiture.
Slides of sculptures of family groups were shown - these were sculptures for mausoleums.

New Kingdom, Queen Nefertiti
from Tell El Amarna, 19th dynasty
Painted Limestone (20"), c. 1360 B.C.
- from the reign of Ahkanatan,
the revolutionary leader in religion & art whose influence did not outlast his lifetime.

Akhenaten: Egyptian Pharaoh, Nefertiti's Husband, Tut's Father - Live Science
Egyptian Art: The Amarna Revolution - Academia.edu
The Art of the Amarna Period - Heptune
Amarna Art - Ancient Egypt Online

'Fayum' mummy portraits from Roman Egypt, c. 50 BC - 300 AD
integration of Egyptian religion with Greek painting techniques amongst colonies of immigrants

Ptolemaic Graeco-Roman
Egyptian Mummy Portrait of Aline
c. 24 A.D., Painted Linen

Aug. 2016: Ancient Faces: Another Mummy Portrait From Egypt, Africa - by Sola Rey
Fayum Mummy Portraits - The Portrait Timeline
Tomb of Aline
- Wikipedia

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