'Age of Revolution'
The United States and France

Charles Willson Peale
and The Peale Family of Painters

Peale Family of Painters -
Encyclopedia of Greater Philadelphia

Chas. Willson Peale, Self Portrait with Wife and Daughter
"Self-Portrait with Angelica and Portrait of Rachel"
Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, c. 1788


Charles Willson Peale, America's First Official State Portrait,
And the Institution of the Presidency
- The Schiller Institute

Charles Willson Peale - Revolutionary War Archives

Charles Willson Peale - Portraits in Revolution

Charles Willson Peale - Mount Vernon

Charles Willson Peale - Wikipedia

Charles Willson Peale - Artsy

George Washington at the Battle of Princeton,
Princeton University Art Museum

Chas. W. Peale by Benj. West, 1767 - 69
New-York Historical Society

The Artist in His Museum (self portrait), 1822
Chas. Willson Peale
Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts


Thomas Jefferson
Chas. Willson Peale
Independence National Historical Park,

Rembrandt Peale -
White House Historical Association

Thomas Jefferson, 1800
Rembrandt Peale
The White House

Rembrandt Peale, Self-portrait
Detroit Institute of Arts, 1828


Self-Portrait, c. 1778
Redwood Library and Athenaeum,
Newport, Rhode Island

Gilbert Stuart Birthplace & Museum - Rhode Island
Gilbert Stuart
- National Gallery of Art, Washington
Gilbert Stuart - The Metropolitan Museum

Geo. Washington
Gilbert Stuart - The Lansdowne Portrait, 1796
National Portrait Gallery

The Skater - Portrait of William Grant, 1782
National Gallery of Art


Self-Portrait, 1802
Yale University Art Gallery

John Trumbull - National Gallery of Art
John Trumbull - Architect of the Capitol
John Trumbull: Artworks - The Athenaeum

Surrender of Lord Cornwallis, 1820 - 12' x 18'
Rotunda, U.S. Capitol

John Trumbull: Art and Politics in the Revolution -
Journal of the American Revolution


Self Portrait, 1780-1784
National Portrait Gallery

J. S. Copley -
American National Biography Online

Watson and the Shark, 1778
National Gallery of Art

John Singleton Copley, 1738–1815 -
The Metropolitan Museum

Paul Revere, 1768
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Copley’s Portrait of Samuel Adams -
The Schiller Institute



Jacques-Louis David: Self Portrait in Prison
- Boston College

The Legacy of David - The Metropolitan Museum
Jacques-Louis David, Political Artist - The Iris
Jacques-Louis David - New World Encyclopedia

The Death of Marat, 1793
Musées Royaux des Beaux-Arts, Brussels

The Death of Marat - Wikipedia

Portrait of Doctor Alphonse Leroy, 1783
Musée Fabre, Montpellier

Jacques-Louis David: Artist Revolutionary and
Revolutionary Artist
- Eric Edwards

Portrait of a Young Woman, c. 1800
Harvard Art Museums


Self Portrait at the Age of 78
Galleria degli Uffizi, 1858

Ingres - National Gallery of Art
Portraits by Ingres: Image of an Epoch - Met. Museum Pubs. (Google Books Link)

Portrait of Monsieur Bertin, 1832
Musée du Louvre

Louis-François Bertin -

Marcotte d'Argenteuil, 1810
National Gallery of Art

Charles Marcotte of Argenteuil -
Wikipedia France

Portrait Of Napoléon Bonaparte
as First Council
Musée des Beaux-arts de Liège, 1804

Ingres, Napoleon on His Imperial Throne -
Khan Academy

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