Build a three-dimensional model of geometric forms:
cubes, rectangles, cones, spheres, pyramids & ramps.

Create at least eight objects, between 4" - 12" tall or wide.
Create a base to place them on. Make the base 2' square.
Affix the shapes to the base, leaving space between the objects in some cases, and adjoining them in other cases.

Use white materials or paint them white after construction.
I recommend foam-core or a similar material that is already white, but you may use non-white material & spray paint it.
(Spray paint will melt many materials, however.)

Use thick illustration board, plywood, or gatorboard (you must obtain a ball for use as the sphere).
The final production must be rigid and neat.
Do not use corrugated cardboard or construction paper.

This model will assist you in learning perspective & geometry by drawing it this semester.

We will also draw these assemblages with direct lighting.