Only one absence per semester .
If you miss more than one class, you will be assigned make-up work. Not completing your make up work will lower your final grade.
Four absences equal a final grade of "F".
I do not recommend taking your excused absence for any nonessential reason.

Important: Legitimate reasons to miss class still count as absences.
There is no need to tell me of the reason why you missed a class or obtain a doctor's note, for the above rules still apply.

Only two tardies per semester. Tardies are not "free" and you will be assigned make-up work.
"Breaks" for cigarettes, snacks, restroom, etc. are allowed, but must not exceed 10-15 minutes.
Breaks exceeding this time limit may count as tardies.
Early departures from class count as tardies.

See the bottom of the extra credit page for the "good attendance credit"