Assignment - copy a back dissection -
Get a copy of a PAINTING of a back dissection -
a photo or a drawing of a dissection.

There is a good muscle chart in the classroom that you may use.
Also, Medical and Health Books & encyclopedias are usually good sources,
but try to find an illustration as close to full-page size as possible.

As with the old master copy, you may want to enlarge the copy for proportion,
but get the detail from the original source.

Or, you may get the reference from a Medical Text at the
VCU Library or the Public Library.
(There are more at the MCV Library)

If you want to go to the MCV Library to look for your dissection reference:

click here for the MCV/VCU shuttle -

also, click here for a map to the MCV library


Student copy - Back Dissection   
student examples -

use 18" x 24" paper
(you do not have to write the word/muscle labels)

'Superficial' dissection (pick this kind) -
concentrates on top muscle layers - latissimus, trapezius, etc.