Old Master Copy

spend at least 3-4 hours -
use white paper.

Remember to start with light drawing -
you may wish to start with a soft pencil, since it is neater than charcoal.
But you can use charcoal for some of the shading if you want,
but be careful, because charcoal is messy.

Don't try to make the drawing in one sitting -
three sessions is a better idea.

Try to work from a xerox enlargement for your proportions,
but from a high quality book or print for your values and details.

Bring your original source (art history book, etc.) and
your xerox enlargement back to class with your completed assignment.

Here are three student examples:

Concentrate on the nude figure -
try to ignore the background, clothing, etc.

If you have difficulty with a certain area, I recommend practicing
that one section on a separate sheet of paper.
Bring in any practice sketches you may make.



Dwell mainly on the body - the face is less important.

If you have time, and you are very satisfied with your copy,
you can spend time on the background or extraneous subject matter, but it is not important !


You can still see the 'grid marks' on this drawing -

Use the grid system if it helps you with proportion.

Make the grid with light blue pencil or light graphite pencil.