"Graduation" - Ryan Ickles

I went out shooting not with the idea of what to shoot in mind but with the thoughts of my graduation in mind. I did not look for things which could be cognitively linked to what I had in my mind.
I just kind of went out and let the camera find what it was looking for. I only noticed the similarities in the pictures when I came back from having them developed.
They all are uncertain, and in only one shot I took do people appear, and that did not make it into the presentation.
But the uncertainty I see in the pictures is a little bit bleak except for the one shot of the red doorway and the red berried bush in front of it.

I don't like the idea of adding text to the pictures because the new symbols (text) which are added change the meaning of what I shot.
And though I know what made me shoot what I did, I do not want to impose my meaning on what someone else reads into the symbols.

selected images from photo series

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