Painting Interpretation of Dream - Mike Freeman

This painting records a dream sequence that I experienced: it is painted onto a circular canvas symbolic of a portal into the self and, ultimately, the depths of the subconscious.
Four "frames," or scenes, are chosen from the sequence because they are the most intense; a sort of tetrad of emotion. A simplified,
paper-cut style of painting is used to emphasize the shape and pure color that helps others to see into the "dream world."
This iconic view of the subconscious makes the subject more tangible for the public,
as they are able to focus strictly on the shapes, of which they can then relate their
own dreams, emotions, or visions from the subconscious:

The first scene is the "climb," which displays an intense urge to reach the place between the mountains. The yellow, winding path is representative of the emotional need to reach this place. Red triangles are used to represent the human guides that are pointing to the place in the mountains; they say nothing, but I feel their encouragement.


The second scene is the "view," which is what I see when I reach the place between the mountains. I am in a tower observing the peaceful calm and beauty of the landscape far below me; I must jump.

4-part painting of dream


The "jump" is the third scene and is my flight, a sort of physical attempt to experience the calm and beauty of the landscape. The feeling is sublime, for I begin to realize that I may die in the attempt.

Emotions climax in the fourth panel, the "fall," which is clearly the most intense due to its distorted perspective and rays of bright colors zooming towards the ground. These elements represent the excitement of the fall-- the ecstasy of it, and at the same time the fear of it. It was at this point that I awoke. The conscious realization of death is what ripped me from the subconscious. The visions of this dream could not go undocumented--the subconscious could not be repressed again--instead it was released upon the canvas.


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