"The Critic"

Used Band-Aid In Space, Power Artist's radiation creation and testament to the frailty of the human condition and the temporal nature of being, impels the 1990's "Big Apple" art dealers to exhibit 'day of judgement' desperation in their vain attempts to comprehend what it has to do with Schnabel (who, as you may not know, has power to transcend the physical plane), Van Gogh and Picasso.

The Artist, famished after a trip to Tahiti  trapped in a box; Links Home

Meanwhile, using incredible powers to overcome Tahitian baggage handlers, Power Artist energizes a dramatic return to New York City, craving reunification with his precious Used Band-Aid In Space and unaware that it is now a sentient being figuratively hovering somewhere between the heavenly hosts of Zen afterlife levitation and the hellishly heaped toxic dumps and atomic waste sites of our enigmatic art world.

We can ask what African brewery research, the pasteurization of mango-based economics, our decayed societal undercurrents, and a rest stop in Jersey have to do with the unfathomable artwork of the century. Nothing! Or so it seems on the surface.

Q Pennyton Winthrop


So exclaims Q. Pennyton Winthrop, resident art critic at Snail Pace Gallery, who, disguised as Sam Van Dyke, visiting art critic at Daniel Boone Gallery, plots the rescue of Used Band-Aid In Space from the unclean art malefactors and their defiled wasteland of crushed cans, crime, and coconuts.

Yet, we must search deeper for reasons to hope for enlightenment. Otherwise, there is only Art In Shambles.

-Slim Culley, commercial artist


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