NEXT240 (Section 902, Schedule #42551)
Virginia Commonwealth University
Fall 2021
W 4pm-6:40pm :: Hibbs 403
Prof. David Golumbia
Office: 333 Hibbs Hall
Fall 2021 Office Hours: Tues 2-4pm (over Zoom)

Reading Technology, Media, and Culture: Form and Meaning in Digital Media

The course provides an overview of topics in the study of new media as practiced in English departments (and other departments of literary and cultural studies). We will look briefly at a wide range of new media forms and then try to relate those forms to the contents of specific examples of new media. New media forms include objects and processes like loops, control panels, heads-up displays, social reputation scores, short videos, memes, streams, stacks, threads, and graphic alternatives to text. We will look both at actual examples of some of these forms and also at media representations of them in film, tv shows and written literature, and also read analytical discussions of both. The class will meet occasionally in person but most of the discussion and coursework will take place over asynchronous (Canvas) text-based discussion.



This class uses a hybrid modality. We may need to adjust the specifics over the course of the term, but in general it will work this way:


Content Warnings

Assignments and Evaluation

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Week-by-Week Syllabus

Week One.

Week Two. Media Studies

Week Three. Media Studies

Week Four. Emoji

Week Five. Study week; no class meetings

Week Six. Emoji

Week Seven. Emoji

Week Eight. Loops

Week Nine. Study week; no class meetings

Week Ten. Loops

Week Eleven. Loops

Week Twelve. Memes

Week Thirteen. Memes

Week Fourteen. Thanksgiving week; no class meetings

Week Fifteen. Memes

Week Sixteen. Study week; no class meetings