ENGL 391 (Section 901, Schedule #29187)
Virginia Commonwealth University
Spring 2014
MW 5:30-6:45pm :: Hibbs 331
Prof. David Golumbia
Office: 324D Hibbs Hall
Spr 2014 Office Hours: Tues 1-3:30pm

Digital Studies

Group Tasks and Basic Operations

Name your group

Pick 4 (or 3) topics

For each topic you will do the following:

Peer grades for groups. Each of you will provide a number, along with a brief justification, for the other members of your group, following these criteria. Your final grade will average the grades of your peers:

  1. There all the time, did all the reading, contributed vigorously;
  2. There most of the time, did most of the reading, often contributed;
  3. There some of the time, sometimes did reading, occasionally contributed;
  4. Almost never there, rarely did reading, rarely contributed.


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