Dan Cranston

List colorings of K5-minor-free graphs with special list assignments

Abstract: A list assignment L of G is a function that assigns to every vertex v of G a set (list) L(v) of colors. The graph G is called L-list colorable if there is a coloring of the vertices of G such that each vertex v gets a color from L(v) and adjacent vertices get distinct colors. We consider the following question of Bruce Richter, where d(v) denotes the degree of v in G:
Let G be a planar, 3-connected graph that is not a complete graph. Is G L-list colorable for every list assignment L with |L(v)|=min{d(v), 6} for all v \in V?
This is joint work with Anja Pruchnewski, Zsolt Tuza, and Margit Voigt.

This talk is recommended for undergrads.