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NanoManufacturing (NanoMan) Lab

The NanoMan Laboratory is a state-of-the-art research facility with the mission of investigating materials, tools, and techniques for enabling three dimensional integrated structures, devices, and systems at the nanoscale.

News and Highlights

8/16/2007 - Just Published - Radmilovic, V., Taylor, C., Lee, Z., Tolley, A., Mitlin, D., Dahmen, U. Nanoindentation Properties and the Microstructure of Grain Boundary Precipitate-Free-Zones (PFZs) in an AlCuSiGe Alloy, Philosophical Magazine, Vol. 87, Issue 26, 2007

8/16/2007 - NSF Award Granted for Research on New Probe-based Fabrication Concept - Professors Curtis Taylor and Kam Leang were awarded a 3-year grant to research a new cantilever probe design and system to aid probe-based nanomanufacturing

8/16/2007- Ph.D. position available; please contact Professor Taylor at

7/1/2007 Professor Taylor Chosen as U.S. Air Force Faculty Fellow - Professor Taylor has been selected in as a Faculty Fellow for the 2007 Air Force Office of Scientific Research Summer Faculty Fellowship Program (SFFP) at the Air Force Research Lab WRIGHT PATTERSON AIR FORCE BASE, OHIO in the program "Surface Phenomena in the Formation of Epitaxial Quantum Structures" for 8 weeks. Participation in the Air Force Summer Faculty Fellowship Program will facilitate Dr. Taylor's research in nanopatterning of quantum structures through partnering with scientists from the Wright Patterson Air Force Research Lab (AFRL) and use of AFRL's molecular beam epitaxy and nanoscale characterization facilities. More importantly, it provides the opportunity to synergize Dr. Taylor's current research in nanopatterning with similar on-going work at AFRL; thereby maximizing both of our efforts to address the limits and capabilities of a potentially breakthrough manufacturing technology.

Patent pending on new nanostructure patterning technique


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