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As Forests Age, Their Climate Effects Shift. An overview in EOS of tree and stand level changes in transpiration in the UMBS Forest Accelerated Succession Experiment (FASET).

Current forest models are at odds with real-world observations. March 23, 2015. This article describes findings published in Biogeosciences showing that ecosystem models fail to simulate observed forest resilience following disturbance.

Abandoned Carbon: That vacant house may be helping soak up carbon emissions.
January 31, 2012. This article in Conservation Magazine summarizes work urban ecology work conducted locally in Richmond and published in the Journal of Environmental Management.

Biogeochemical cycles in future forests: Linking structure and function using multiple research approaches at the University of Michigan Biological Station.
Fall, 2011. This article, published in the FluxLetter, offers a non-technical overview of forest ecology research at UMBS.

VCU Receives Grant to Further Examine the Role of Forests in Regulating Greenhouse Gases. August 15, 2011. VCU's press release on collaborative work with Ohio State and U. of Michigan.

Carbon Sink: Up-And-Coming Forests Replacing Aging Forests of Upper Great Lakes.
August 11, 2011. Science Daily article summarizing recent results from UMBS.

The Forest Accelerated Succession Experiment (FASET) press re-release. This provides an illustrated overview of the FASET experiment, Winter 2011.

Out of the Blue: The Biological Station. This is a great introduction to ongoing research in carbon cycling at the University of Michigan Biological Station, Autumn 2009.

Scientists point to forests for carbon cycling solutions is the media's take on a synthesis presented in BioScience of our carbon cycling research conducted at the University of Michigan Biological Station, Sept 2008.

Aspen trees starved in global warming experiment is an AP release published by NY Times, Chicago Tribune, USA Today, CBS, NBC, ABC and several thousand news outlets describing our forest accelerated succession experiment, May 2008.

U-M scientists remove thousands of aspens to glimpse forest's future is a release by the University of Michigan Media Department also providing an overview of our accelerated succession experiment, May 2008.

Modern forests suffer from century old logging legacy featured in OSU research news and several popular news outlets highlights work presented at the American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting, December 2005.

Global change and forest carbon cycling: Lessons from the great north woods is a piece I wrote that was featured in the James Madison University's ?Living Connection? Biology Department Newsletter, 2007:

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