My primary research area is computational neuroscience, focusing on the variability, or fluctuations, of cortical neural network activity and  dynamics with sensory inputs.  With theoretical investigations, there are mathematical issues in: developing numerical methods to solve probability density equations, large-scale (Monte-Carlo) simulations, as well as applied analysis to describe such complicated stochastic systems.  A variety of models are used for different purposes because there is a wide range of biological complexity.  I have worked on: noisy neural oscillators, spiking stochastic networks, detailed biophysical cellular modeling with an excursion to cardiac dynamics, and questions about coding of sensory signals.  See some current projects and publications.

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VCU recently started a SIAM Student Chapter.  I am currently the faculty advisor, email me if you are intersted in participating!

Considering a Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics?  VCU has a vibrant Ph.D. program in Systems Modeling and Analysis.  See for more information.

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Cheng Ly

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