VCU Discrete Mathematics Seminar
Fall 2021

All Seminars Will Take Place on Zoom
Meeting ID: 929 757 99914
Password: A length 10 word formed from the word "graphs" (all lower case) followed by the smallest 4 prime numbers.
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Title (Click for abstract if available)
Wed. Sept. 8 1:00p-1:50 Neal Bushaw (VCU) One of my Favorites: The Sandglass Conjecture via Entropy
Wed. Sept. 15 1:00p-1:50 Vašek Chvátal (Concordia University, Canada) The Discrete Mathematical Charms of Paul Erdős
Wed. Sept. 22 1:00p-1:50 Hadrien Mélot (University of Mons, Belgium) Using Graph Theory to Derive Inequalities for the Bell Numbers
Wed. Sept. 29 1:00p-1:50 Heidi Van den Camp (Ghent University, Belgium) The Effect of Local Symmetry-preserving Operations on Connectivity
Wed. Oct. 6 1:00p-1:50 Antoine Dailly (IUT2 de Grenoble, France) Strengthening the Murty-Simon Conjecture on diameter-2-critical graphs
Wed. Oct. 13 1:00p-1:50 Pace Nielsen (Brigham Young University) Spoof Odd Perfect Numbers
Wed. Oct. 20 1:00p-1:50 Craig Larson (VCU) The Most Amazing Number in Graph Theory
Wed. Oct. 27 1:00p-1:50 Laura Mancinska (University of Copenhagen, Denmark) Quantum graph parameters
Wed. Nov. 3 1:00p-1:50 Hans Parshall (Western Washington University) CANCELLED
Wed. Nov. 10 1:00p-1:50 Kevin McCall (VCU) Kneser Graphs and 2-Bootstrap Percolation
Wed. Nov. 17 1:00p-1:50 David Chan (VCU) Modeling and Analyzing Student Support Networks

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