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Pat Mason and  Ross Hamilton


Piero Scaruffi's Studies on Consciousness, Mind and Life         



Sacred Geometry Sites

Alfonso Rubino's Sacred Geometry the Language of the Gods




Ken Bakeman's Arcana of Ancient Egyptian Geometry          

Earth Grid - Ley Lines - Vortex Sites - Power Points               

Sacred Geometry Discovery by Vincent Beall                         

Stan Tenen's Meru Foundation                                                     

Bruce Rawles' Sacred Geometry & Links                                  

Martin Gray's Places of Peace and Power                                  

John D. MacAurhtur's The Great Seal of the USA                   

The Official Graham Hancock Website                                       

Rudolf Gatenbrink's The Upuaut Project                                    

James Furia's Geomusic                                                                 

Ingo Swann's Superpowers of the Human Biomind                

Terry Wright's page of ancient crystal findings                   

The Great Pyramid of Giza Research Association                     


Alignments of Ancient Sites