Intrusion Detection Security Lab

The main task of the Lab is to build a collabortive framework on malicious nodes detection in various networks, including social networks, mobile networks, sensor networks, and software defined networks.

RamSec Lab


Dr. Carol Fung

PhD students:

Bahman Rashidi
Wei Yang

Master students:

BSc students:

Pulkit Rustgi

Past students:

Ioana A. Bara (Master)

Justin Murphy (BSc)
Nicolas Harrison (BSc)
John Taylor (BSc)
Amber Elliott (BSc)
Weston Kingery (BSc)
Parker Bryant (BSc)
Ervin Ramos (BSc)
Gerrit Bond (BSc)
Steven Jackson (BSc)
Marcus Pare (BSc)

Robert R. Stump (BSc)
Sujoy Chatterjee (BSc)
Paul R Morck (BSc)
Prathika Kasireddy (BSc)
Farheen Azam (BSc)
Joshua Hensley (BSc)