Department of Economics

Carol Scotese

Associate Professor

Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University


Recent Working Papers & Work in progress


·         Wage inequality, tasks and occupations, August 2012

o   Data appendix

·         A cohort analysis of tasks and wage inequality, November 2012

o   Data appendix

·         Quantitative model of tasks, occupations and wage inequality



·         War Mobilization and the Great Compression  The B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis and Policy (July 2010)

o   Appendix to War Mobilization and the Great Compression

·         Evidence on the Demographic Transition,”  Review of Economics and Statistics (2009)

o   Unpublished Data Appendix

·         Fertility and Government Spending on Education at Different Levels of Development (2004) in   Economic Growth and Human Capital (eds., M. Boldrin and P. Wang) with Theodore Palivos.

·         Fertility and Education Premiums, Journal of Population Economics (2003).

·         Comparative Advantage, Trade, and Transboundary Pollution, Open Economies Review (July 2000) with John W. Maxwell.

·         Dynamic Effects of Financial Intermediation over the Business Cycle, Economic Inquiry 38, (January 2000) 34-57; with Ping Wang.

·         Banking on Fewer Children: Financial Intermediation, Fertility and Economic Development Journal of Population Economics 12 (December 1999) 567-590.

·         Fertility, Growth and the Financing of Public Education and Health, Journal of Population Economics 9, (November 1996) 415-428; with Theodore Palivos.

·         Can Government Enforcement Permanently Alter Fertility?: The Case of China”; Economic Inquiry 33, (October 1995) with Ping Wang.

·         “Fertility Choice and Economic Growth: Theory and Evidence”: The Review of Economics and Statistics, (May 1994), with Ping Wang and Chong Yip.

·         Forecast Smoothing and the Optimal Under-utilization of Information at the Federal Reserve”: Journal of Macroeconomics , (Fall 1994)