The New Yorker
English 624: Spring 2011
Virginia Commonwealth University
Professor Bryant Mangum

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(8 January 2011)
The New Yorker:  Home Page
The New Yorker Records: c.1924-1984:  New York Public Library
Virginia Commonwealth University: New Yorker Course Page
The New Yorker: Google Search
"At the New Yorker, Land Mines Along Memory Lane" (reviews of three books; Smith)

Ross Era
Harold Ross of the New Yorker (review of Kunkel's book)

Shawn Era
Remembering Mr. Shawn's New Yorker (review of Mehta's book)

Brown Era
Tina's Time

Remnick Era
Insider to Succeed Editor Tina Brown at New Yorker (good background information; Post)
Whatever Happened to ....

The Algonquin Round Table
National Portrait Gallery
Dorothy Parker's New York
Dorothy Parker in the 20's: A Member of the Round Table