Questions 13-16

Questions 13–16 are based on an excerpt from a piano quartet. The excerpt, which includes a brief introduction and one statement of a theme, will be played three times. Before listening to the introduction and statement of the theme for the first time, please read Questions 13–16.


13. The first chord of the excerpt is
(A) an augmented triad
(B) a major seventh chord
(C) a minor seventh chord
(D) a diminished seventh chord

14. After the short introduction, the first two harmonies of the theme are tonic and
(A) dominant
(B) mediant
(C) subdominant
(D) submediant

15. The theme consists of a melodic sequence at three different pitch levels. Which of the following best describes the succession of pitch levels?
(A) The sequence ascends by seconds.
(B) The sequence ascends by thirds.
(C) The sequence descends by seconds.
(D) The sequence descends by thirds.

16. The melody features several leaps of
(A) a sixth
(B) a seventh
(C) an octave
(D) a ninth

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