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Placement Exam

Prospective music majors must take an brief placement exam in music theory on the day of their audition. The exam consists of questions on note-reading in both bass and treble clefs, scales, intervals, triads, and time signatures.

To view a sample placement exam, try one of the options that follow:

Option 1 - For best printing, open this Adobe Acrobat file (.pdf) If a left click doesn't work, try right clicking, saving the file, and opening it from your computer.

Option 2 - View practice test as image file. Printing this version may not be perfect, but it should be useable.

Click here to see the answers: Answers

Advanced Placement

For students who have had more advanced training in music theory, we offer the opportunity to take advanced placement exams. Those students who are able to place out of one or more theory classes may begin the course sequence at the appropriate level. Credits that would have been earned for the classes skipped must be replaced with other offerings from the theory curriculum (ie. Counterpoint, Form and Analysis).