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Basically, you need to know everything we've ever discussed over the past year.

Study Guide for MHIS 146 Final Exam

You will be responsible for all materials covered this semester including:

  • Chord vocabulary
    • Be able to identify roman numerals for all diatonic chords including 7ths.
    • Recognize the following "non-diatonic chords":
      • Scalar variants
      • Modally borrowed chords
      • Secondary dominant and leading tone chords
    • Identify 6/4 chord types
  • Form and texture
    • Identify texture
    • Identify phrase relationships:
      • Periods
        • Parallel
        • Contrasting
      • Unrelated phrases
      • Identify sequences
    • Be able to explain (define) the basic characteristics of binary and rounded binary form
  • Figured bass
    • Complete a figured bass with good voice leading
  • Harmonization (chord syntax)
    • Harmonize a given melody using the principles of good harmonic progression.
  • Modulation
    • Be able to name the closely related keys to a given key
    • Be able to name the common chords between two keys
    • Be able to recognize when a modulation has occurred

Likey items to appear on the exam will be:

  • Analysis of excerpts from the anthology
  • Complete a short figured bass
  • Provide chords in a short harmonization example