Fall 2002

Last update: January 8, 2003

Wednesday, 11/6

Over the weekend, work on the current sight-singing assignment (check calendar) and continue doing MacGamut. Songs for descending interval recognition have been added! Even more songs for interval recognition are now posted, including printable versions!

Thursday, 10/31

Over the weekend, work on MacGamut! See how many levels you can complete before Tuesday. Get together and make up MacGamut party games!

Continue working on compound time rhythms #174-181.

Thursday, 10/24

A brief calendar of sight-singing assignments is now up!

Read below if you haven't do so already. I've just uploaded your grades so you can check for errors. If you don't know how to figure out who you are, I'll tell you in class.

9 am class | 10 am class

OK, I'm back for this class, too! If you haven't done so already, you need to purchase MacGamut software. This is available at the Carriage House Bookstore or online at MacGamut.com. Before you begin serious work with the program, you will need to get the latest presets from me. You will want these very much, because they will make your life much easier when you are trying to pass the required levels.

To get the presets, left-click and follow prompts or right-click, and "save target as" or "save as" to download them to your computer. Save them anywhere you like, but don't forget where! The next time you start up MacGamut, click the box that says "change presets". Go find the file you downloaded (appm165 presets f2002) and use this for the new preset file. You'll be glad you did!

Yes, I want, I need, I must have the latest presets!

To view descriptions of the MacGamut levels and to find out how many levels you need to complete by the end of the semester, click here. In a nutshell, here's what it is:


Level to achieve











I've added a new link in the resource section! Try out "Songs for Dictation". You can even submit your own suggestions!

Please fill out the following so I can contact you with emergency updates! (If you have already done this on the Theory I page, you


Previous assignments

Assignment for Tuesday, April 30

ATTENTION! Cease work on MacGamut harmonic dictation levels! They won't be required due to a foul-up with the presets file. Continue to work on rhythm reading, sight-singing, and other MacGamut categories.

Assignment for Thursday, April 18, 2002

Sight-singing exams!

Assignment for Tuesday, 4/9/02

Practice Rhythms #174-185, singing #130-146. Test on these will be on Thursday, April 18.

Study the following bass patterns and the primary chords that are associated with them. The secondary chords that go with these bass notes have been crossed out for now - soon these will be included in the harmonic dictation examples!

Assignment for Tuesday, 3/26/02

Sight-singing exams in my office. Come in pairs, Noah's Ark style! Have your book open and ready!

Rhythms #26-41, SS #106-124

Assignment for Thursday 3/21/02

Practice sight-singing and rhythm reading for exam on Tuesday, 3/26.

Rhythms #26-41, SS #106-124

Continue to work on MacGamut levels.

Assignment for Thursday, 3/7/02

Mid-term exam on MacGamut dictations. Send me your startup file when you have completed the required levels or no later than Friday, 3/8/02.

Thursday - No class
Please work on your MacGamut dictations for the mid-term next week. For help with harmonic dictation, review the following bass note/solfege/roman numeral associations. Memorize these:

Assignment for Thursday, 2/23/02


Assignment for Thursday, 2/21/02

Practice rhythmic and sight-singing examples in Ottman.

Rhythms #26-41, 46-52; Sight-singing #106-124.

Practice MacGamut! Do some every day! Pass some levels!

Assignment for Tuesday, 2/19/02

Work on MacGamut dictations! You must send me your startup file as an attachment by next Monday night showing at least 2 hours of practice time completed! You will receive MacGamut points based on the amount of time spent as follows:

2+ hours = 15 pts.
1.5-2 hours = 12 pts.
1-1.5 hours = 9 pts.
.5-1 hour = 6 pts.
less than .5 hours = 0 pts.