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Aural Skills I
TR 11am

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Last updated: Tuesday, February 24, 2004 3:16 PM


Tuesday, 2/24: Don't slack off on MacGamut or rhythm reading or sightsinging or anything. There's too much to learn and not enough time! Get your 4/4 conducting pattern down! If you need a reminder on how it goes, click here, it's pretty cool!

Previous assignments

Tuesday, 2/10: Sightsinging and rhythm-reading exams next week! If you haven't signed up already, do it in class on Thursday. Be prepared to perform any examples from weeks 1-4 assignments. Be sure to get started on week five material next week even though we won't be meeting as a class.

Thursday, 1/29: If you haven't already done it, send me your MacGamut startup files! You should be passing levels by this point. Don't get discouraged if something gets too hard. Eventually, you will get it, if you are patient!

Check the syllabus to keep up with the assigned material for sightsinging and rhythm reading. We'll probably have a test on these fairly soon!

Tuesday, 1/27: Congratulations to those of you that made it to class! If you weren't there, take a look at your syllabus and make sure you are keeping pace with the assignments. There's too much to get done to be lazy about it.

Send me you MacGamut startup files as soon as possible. Don't begin work on the program until I have loaded the correct presets for you!

Wednesday, 1/21/04: You should know what to work on. Bring books to class on Thursday.

Tuesday, 1/13: Welcome back! The new syllabus and calendar for Spring 2004 are now available on the links to your left. It's not too soon to get started! Please get your texts as soon as possible. Let me know immediately if the Carriage House bookstore is out of anything. One of the "texts" is a CD-ROM (MacGamut) that requires you to register it online. Once you do this, they will send you a startup file that you will need in order to use the program. As soon as you get this file, email it to me so I can load the correct presets for you. You will be very sorry if you don't do this!!

See you on Tuesday!