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Anthology questions

Chap. 1
Tonic triad
Chap. 2
Chap. 3
Dominant 7th
Chap. 4
Chap. 5
I 6/4
Chap. 6
1st inversion
Chap. 7
Chap. 8
V7 inversions
Chap. 9
Linear 6/4
Chap. 10
Chap. 11
Chap. 12
Chap. 13
Chap. 14
Chap. 15
All 7ths
Chap. 16
Chap. 17
V/V etc.
Chap. 18

Chapter 13
Supertonic 7th - quiz

The following homework questions must be submitted by 10am, Wednesday, April 2, 2003.

#129 - Herr, wie.... Anon

Last name (required): First name (required):

  1. The quality of the chord in m2, b1 is:
  2. The correct lead sheet symbol would be:
  3. The correct roman numeral is:
  4. The chord is being used as a:

#131 Sonata in Ab major - Haydn

Below you will find m2-4 of anthology example #131. What is the correct roman numeral analysis this excerpt? Choose the correct roman numerals from the drop-down lists underneath each chord (If they aren't aligned exactly, use the beat indicators that originally appear in each menu to let you know which chord to analyze).

: Cadence:

The non-chord tones in the melody on m2, b1; m2, b2; and m3, b1 are all:

The texture of this piece is: