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Analysis Exam - Chapter 3-4

The following test questions must be submitted by 2pm, Tuesday, 4/20/2003. You MAY (must!) use your books to refer to the music. You must complete the entire exam before submitting!

The dropdown menus will sometimes include choices that we have not studied yet. Don't pick them! The correct answers will be based only on material covered in class! Key signatures are indicated with UPPER CASE for major keys and lower case for minor keys. Lower case b is used to represent flats. For example: Bb is b flat major, bb is b flat minor.

Measure numbering begins with the first FULL measure! Therefore, the first FULL measure is measure 1 or m1. The second FULL measure will be m2 and so on. A FULL measure is one that has ALL of the beats and is not a PICKUP measure.

Make sure you have answered all of the questions! The answer that appears in the menu box is what will be submitted so if it says "pick one", then your answer for that question will be "pick one".

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#16 German Dance - Beethoven (.mid)

1. The cadence in m8 is:
2. Choose the most appropriate description of the phrase relationships for this excerpt:
3. What type of non-chord tone is used in this example:

#17 Sonata - Mozart (.mid)

4. The first chord of this excerpt is:
5. The texture of this is:
6. The cadence in m4 is:
7. The phrase relationships are:

#19 Rigoletto - Verdi

8. Rigoletto accidentally kills his pet dog, mistaking it for his daughter: True False
9. This entire excerpt is based on the tonic triad and the:

#21 Symphony No. 4 - Beethoven (.mp3)

10. What is the key for this excerpt:

#22 Oberon - Weber (pronounced - vay-bur) (.mp3)

11. The cadence in m2 is:
12. The phrase relationships are:
13. The non-chord tones in m1 on beats 1 and 2 are:
14. The texture for this excerpt is:

#30 Rigoletto - Verdi

15. Gilda is the name of Rigoletto's dog: True False
16. The key for this excerpt is:
17. The texure is:
18. An alternate time signature that could have been used for this excerpt is:

#32 Look for the Silver Lining - Kern (.mid)

19. The key of this excerpt is:
20. The chord in m6 is:
21. The texture is:

More True/False!

22. Harmonic rhythm refers to the rate at which chords change. True False
23. Harmonic rhythm tends to slow down approaching cadences. True False
24. Cadences occur whenever you get two chords that fit one of the cadence patterns. True False
25. What is a commonly used predominant chord: