Playing in the New York studios is always a thrill because of the level of musicianship exhibited by everyone involved, from sidemen, to conductors, writers, and recording personnel. Playing cartoon music has been a special treat because of the variety of music that is performed. I have had the honor to have recorded with, in my opinion, two of the best writers of animated film music in Bernard Hoffer and Glen Daum. Just about every type and style of music is put on the music stand. To say that these dates are exciting fun is simply an understatement. One can expect to play a fast and furious type of Bugs Bunny score, hard swinging Ellington/Basie, to a beautiful, sensitive, Debussy melody. All of the music, especially by the two aforementioned composers, is unbelievable in the clever precision of the hits balanced with the artistry of the composition. Performing cartoon music has probably been the most excitement I have had in the New York studio world.

  • Disney
  • Mighty Mouse
  • Thunder Cats
  • Silver Hawks,
  • Karate Kats
  • The New Adventures of Mighty Mouse